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Frequently Asked Questions

About Delivery

Q: What are the dates available?
A: Click here to check our latest calendar. 

Q: Why can't I select the date on the checkout page that marked as available on the calendar? 
A: We are sorry about that, but please take the available dates on the checkout page as the latest calendar.

Q: Do you offer a delivery service? 
A: Yes, click here to view the latest services we offer. 

Q: Can we pick up the cake from the shop?
A: Yes, we do. You may pick up in our workshop in Lai Chi Kok. Please click here for the address and available timeslots. 


About the Cake

Q: May I know how much is the cake?
A: The price is different for each cake. Please click here for the full list of our products with the prices. 

Q: What are the cakes that are available?
A: We only offer fruits at their best condition on the right season. Please click here for the full list of our products for your selection. 

Q: What size should I order for my cake?
A: Depends on how many people are going to share it! You may find our guide as below for your reference: 

Cake Portion


About My Order

Q: Can I change my date or delivery method selected after checkout?
A: Please send us a Whatsapp message here with the below information to speed up the change of delivery time & date. 
My order Number:
New Date:
New Delivery Method:
Old Date:
Old Delivery Method: